Run Club

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 Professional Runner Tara Welling will be assisting and running with students this season.  She is a multi-awarded All American distance runner and the 2016 US Half Marathon Champion.  She began her love of running in second grade.  Tara is having a baby a the end of January. Taking over for Tara very soon will be Liz Downing McCullough, a former National and World Duathlon Champion. Liz currently coaches Cross Country for St. Mary’s and track in the Wilson High Middle School Cluster.

Parents often tell me their child does their best (school work, eating, and sleeping) while participating in our running classes.  I observe the camaraderie and growing self-confidence the children have as their stamina and endurance increases with their (up to twice) weekly runs.    We will strengthen and condition our bodies with the goal of building a life-long healthy outlook towards exercise while maintaining and improving overall health.   As the weather becomes more challenging , we will keep to a 70 minute class time with the idea that the longest stretches of continual running be limited to around 45 minutes, broken up with stretching, a bit of visiting and exploring, rest, and an occassional game of tag.   

Running is a lifelong sport.  When properly prepared, it can take place in most weather conditions.  We will not shy away from the turn of seasons.

Running Class are now configured to be a smooth transition with Global Kids and will be the first class timeframe of their day.  From after school until 4:40 on the chosen day of participation.

I have four days to choose from, runners should limit running to two days per week maximum.

Session II  Week of November 26th to Week of March 4th, 2019

Session II prices:  Mondays $252; Tuesdays $252; Wednedsays $273;  Thursdays $273