Robert Briglia

My goal is to build attachment and the life-long participation in sports by providing meaningful exposures to athletic activities.

I am strongly influenced by years of sandlot football, baseball, basketball, relay running races, street hockey, pool, darts, ping pong, swimming, fishing, ice fishing, biking, skateboarding, golf, water skiing, downhill skiing, bowling and more. Along with dozens of my neighborhood friends, I was raised in a state of constant physical play.

My formal experience guiding children in sports was honed during the 15 years I served as the Athletic Director and Physical Education Instructor at The International School here in Portland, Oregon, where I taught pre-kindergarten through fifth grade children, aged 3-11. I retired from the classroom in June 2019 to expand my after-school athletic programs here at Our Sporting Lives. I consider one of the most supportive accolades I have received to have been from a physician parent of a student I taught. She said, "Robert has a fundamental understanding of human nature." Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I like to believe that I am a keen observer and empathize easily with children. I work to find and refine pathways of encouragement, skills development, and to facilitate each child in their growth as an athlete and a person.

Currently, I road and mountain bike, downhill and cross-country ski, run, golf, and play racquetball. My three daughters golf, rock climb, play tennis, racquetball and run.