Days:  Mondays and Thursdays beginning  March 11, 2019 and ending on May 16, 2019.  


Practice 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm (Students can be picked up either at Duniway Park by 5:10pm or at TIS on SW Caruthers by 5:30 pm.

Track Meets:  5:45 pm until your final event (anytime after the start of the meet) or 7:30 pm.  (Parents bring their runners to Grant High School Track and stay with them at the meet)


Practice- runners walked to Duniway Park for practice and back to TIS for pickup.   *STUDENTS ENROLLED IN LATER EVENTS AT TIS WILL BE RETURNED TO THOSE EVENTS.

Track Meets

Grant High School Track.  2235 NE 33th Ave., Pdx, 97212

Jefferson High School Track. 5210 N. Kerby Ave. Pdx., 97217 

Meet dates:  

  1. April 11th Grant High School

  2. April 18th Jefferson High School

  3. April 25th Grant

  4. May 9th Grant

Track Meet Events:   Estimated EVENT SCHEDULE (times are approximate & are on a ROLLING start! Each meet is subject to event and schedule changes.):

5:45pm-7:45pm: All field events start and continue
(high jump, long jump, softball throw, shot-put) 
6:00pm: 60 meter dash
6:20pm: 100 meter dash
6:40pm: 1500 meters
7:00pm: 400 meters
7:10pm: 800 meters
7:20pm: 200 meters
7:30pm: 4x100 relay

The class begins on March 11, 2019, a Monday.  Students are collected from after school at 3:30 and walked over to Duniway Park.  There are two parks at that location.  The newly built 400-meter track and an upper park with a wood chip circuit around a rolling, grassy park.  After a warm up run, we perform dynamic stretching.  Dynamic means there is active stretching and core strengthening routines that are being performed.  Runners are steadily developed to increase their core strength, stamina, and endurance through the track practice sessions.  We will work on base training, wind capacity/recovery, running technique,  and exposed to the field events.   There is a warm down jog.  On the four track meets, we meet at Grant High School track at about 5:40 and there are no after school practices on track meet days. One meet is at Jefferson High, same time.  

All participants are strongly encouraged to run in the track meets and take part in the field events.  The track meets themselves are moved along very quickly in order to keep them to 2.0 hours.  They are low-key and if you want to get your child's times, you will have to record them yourself.   I do try to get the splits and finishing times for the 1500 meter, the 800 meter, and some of the 400 meter runs.  As they start the races so quickly one after the other, it is hard to get the times of shorter races.   All the runners thoroughly enjoy themselves at the meets.   A few of my runners attempt to run almost every event! Times are not provided by meet organizers to keep this a relaxed, low-key, and fun meet.  

Please refer to the calendar for the schedule of practices and track meets.  It is basically every Monday and Thursday that TIS is in session from March 11th to May 16th.  The time remains 3:30 to 5:30 pm with the only difference being four track meets that go from 5:45 pm to as late as 7:30 pm on the dates mentioned above. 


Students below fifth grade $376. Program dates 3/11 to 5/16

Fifth Grade students $280 with program daters 4/1 to 5/16

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